I had practiced yoga on and off since I was 15, but never really committed until years later when I received my Hatha Yoga 200 hour certification at a time when I was in desperate need of peace and direction. 

Through this I discovered that yoga was the missing link in my life, it gave me that sense of peace, wholeness, gratitude, and light.”


When I first tried yoga I was terrified, as I thought it was just about touching your toes and doing the splits. Being far from bendy, I quickly fled from it.

Eventually I gave yoga another shot as I was going through a difficult time consisting of many changes. I started witnessing the practice change my life! The equanimity and mind/body connection yoga offered had me hooked. I went on to continue exploring yoga and meditation on a deeper level in Southeast Asia, resulting in a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification.

I am currently obtaining my 300 hour certification in Yoga Therapy, and am excited to share with you the tools that changed my life.”


I found yoga in 2010 when I was really struggling with depression and anxiety. I found a peace in my practice I’ve never found anywhere else, and  the desire to share that peace with others led me to becoming certified to teach Hatha Yoga in April of 2019. I believe that yoga can be a great tool in helping us become healthier, happier, people.”